🇨🇦 Eco Four Twenty Was Featured on Dragons' Den in Canada 🇨🇦

Eco Four Twenty's 5 Seconds of Fame Contest - How Would you Use Our Dragons' Den Fame?

Eco Four Twenty was featured on Season 16 preview of Dragon's Den in Ep. 1!

For the past year our team has remained tight-lipped about our journey onto Dragons' Den; having to overcome many obstacles that Covid had created and fight for our spot in front of the Dragons. We never could have imagined taking Eco Four Twenty into the den for the entire nation to watch. With all the love and support we have received throughout this experience, we were prepared to really make the most of our 5 seconds of fame. However, we never imagined that it would LITERALLY be 5 seconds. But that’s exactly what happened to us. We look forward to sharing more of our journey with you because it took over 157,680,000 seconds (5 years) to get these 5 seconds of fame. 

Eco Four Twenty CBC Dragons Den Season 16 Episode 1

Check out a video from our founder:  

*A small portion of content of this video is from CBC and Dragons' Den and is used for the purpose of commentary and parody. For more information visit https://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden/episodes/season-16/episode-1-season-16 where Eco Four Twenty is clearly featured @ 43:16 - 43:21* 

Those Silly Geese at CBC and Dragons' Den featured Eco Four Twenty in an "Upcoming This Season on Dragons' Den" on Season 16 Episode 1, but then they didn't air any other parts of the thrilling 45 minute pitch with the Dragons. So we now have a whole 5 seconds to play with. There is no minimum time requirement for being “As Seen On Dragons' Den"😎 

As a small Canadian business, we are truthfully very lost on how we can best market and promote this feature and need your help with this!

 Eco Four Twenty CBC Dragons' Den Season 16Eco Four Twenty Dragons Den CBC Season 16Eco Four Twenty Dragons Den CBC Season 16

Help us decide what to do! On Feb 12th we are going to be selecting the contest winners below: 

$420 CAD. 

1 year Supply of Filters (4 Starter Sets and 24 refills!)

*We will pick this winner based on quality/uniqueness of submission! We are looking for a creative, high-quality submission to help make the best of our 5 seconds of fame. 


Second Place Prize: 

6 Eco Four Twenty Filter Gift Sets (Filter + Refill)

1 Year Supply of Coconut Candles (12 Coconut Candles)

*Winner will be chosen at random. Anyone who emails us and gives us a suggestion will be given 1 entry to this prize. 


Third Place Prize:

30 Calculators (Will be Given to you or can be donated to an educational institution of your choice). 

*Winner will be chosen at random. Anyone who emails us and gives us a suggestion will be given 1 entry to this prize.


*Anyone who suggests something that we use will be sent a thank you prize. 



The only way to enter is by emailing your suggestions, videos, content and ideas to 5SecondsOfFame@ecofourtwenty.com 

No idea is too unique. No suggestion is too stupid. Winners will be selected and contacted on Feb 12th! Thank you for your help, time and suggestions! 


Extra Behind The Scenes Photos From the Dragons' Den Set! It was a highly entertaining experience and we are glad to be featured for any amount of seconds!  

Dragons' Den Eco Four Twenty Season 16CBC Dragons' Den Season 16

Studio 40 CBC Dragons' DenEco Four Twenty Dragons' Den AuditionsCBC Dragons' Den Studio 40 CBC Dragons' Den Season 16CBC Dragons' Den Application



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This giveaway is only being managed and run by Eco Four Twenty and Eco Four Twenty alone. It is definitely not endorsed by Dragons' Den or CBC or any other entity. This is a disclaimer to specifically mention that Eco Four Twenty is the only company responsible for this page and any mention of Eco Four Twenty's 5 Seconds of Fame Featuring Dragons' Den. Any mentions of other companies besides Eco Four Twenty is presented only to provide commentary and parody on real true life events. Eco Four Twenty auditioned on Dragons' Den on March 11, 2020. Eco Four Twenty pitched on Dragon's Den May 30th, 2021. Eco Four Twenty's 5 Seconds of Fame aired on October 21st, 2021. These are all based on real true life events you silly gooses. 

Peace and Love, Peace and Love.